Yeongdong Junior Boarding School / Danyang Junior Boarding School

Sanhagyeon Cluster Support center

Eco-Edu Center

Plasma Research Center Multilaboratory Study Building

Cheong-Ju North Terminal

Central Metropolitan Districts Logistics Center

Ik-san Sports Complex Renovation

Woong-cheon Elementary School

Industry, Academia and Research Cluster Support Center

Bit-chan Kidergarten and Elementary School (And 4 other)

Moon-sung Elementary School

Ma-gok Station Entrance Facility

Do-nong/Ji-geum Community Welfare Center

Daegu Dong-cheon Elementary School

Dasan-dong Public Parking

Korea National Arboretum Expansion

Gyeonggi Icheon Hospital BTL

UST Multipurpose Public Facility

Hwa-seong Community Center

Pohang Joong-ang Elementary School

Choon-cheon Post Office

Il-dong Hospital Remodelling

Uiwang Jang-an District

Yong-jeon Elementary School

Asan Mojong-dong Apt.

Shin-pyeong Elementary School

Korea Food Research Institute HQ

Sejong Business Center

Seok-jang High school

Seoul National University Elementary School

Nam-ak Community Center

Naju Geum-cheon Middle School

Gwe-san National Cemetery

Gwangju Bio-energy R&D Center

Korea Construction Engineers Hall

Daegu Wolbae3 Elementary School

Yeonjaeri Commercial Facility and Hotel

Korea Educational Development Institute

Jewelry Industry Center

Jeonju Hong-san Elementary School

Wi-rae Business District 22

14-Army-02 Military Facility

Environment Industry Research Complex

Incheon Aiport Customs Express Logistics Center

Jaecheon Education & Culture Center

Icheon Special-education School

Handasa Middle School

Korea Institute for Animal Products Quality Evaluation Government Office

Woman's Vision Center West

Korea Credit Guarantee Fund Organization Training Camp

Jeon-buk Innovation High School

Yangsan Future Design Center

Seo-nong-dong Community Center

West Sea Special Forces Training Facility

Dae-kyo Boramae Center Expansion

Boryeong Gymnasium

Hagil Middle School

Wolsan Elementary School

Incheon Welfare Center

ASE Korea Business Facility Expansion

Byeol-nae 3 Elementary School

Byeol-nae 3 Middle School

Jeju Multipurpose Gynmasium

Daegu Innovation Elementary School

Korea National Ppuri Industry Center

Bong-moo Elementary School ( 1 Other)

Adminitrative Support Center

Gang-nam Senior Hospital BTL

Korea Ship Safety Technology Auhority HQ

1-3 Zone Multipurpose Community Center

Korea Food Research Institute HQ

Seoul Digital Industrial Complex Support Facility Site Redevelopment

Yang-pyeong National Rehabilitation Hospital

Korea Education and Research Information Service HQ

Goyang Central Terminal

Busan Nampo-dong Officetel

Guwol Bogeumjari Housing S-2 BL.

Guwol Bogeumjari Housing S-1 BL.

National Defense Culture Research Center and Dormitory for Children of Soldiers

Communication and Venture Research Center

Ga-pyeong Yang-ju Military Residence

National Center for Medical Science Information

Daehak-ro Cultural Complex Remodeling

Jang-gi-dong Elementary School (3 Others)

Milyang Yongjeon General Industrial Complex

Digital Broadcasting Contents Support Center

Uiwang Millennium Design Park

Asan Gymnasium

Ilsan Paik Hospital Remodeling

Korean Army Finance & Accounting Corporation

National Hangeul Museum

Settlement Support Center for North Korean Refugees (Hanawon)

Special Management Facility for Highly Dangerous Pathogens

Convergent Equipment Industrializatoin Research Complex

Jeju Seo-gui-po Maritime Police Station

Gyeong-buk Disctirct Military Manpower Administraion Government Office

Sooyoung Government Tax Office

Korea Agency for Technology and Standards Government Office

Jong-no government tax office

Air Force flight environment Facility

National Memorial Museum of Forced Mobilization under Japanese Occupation

Criminal Investigation Command HQ

Seoul Ok-su Elementary School

Ee-ui Elementary School (1 Other)

West Busan government tax office

Dae-jeon Oriental Medicine Technique Standard Center

Ulsan Free Trade District Site Building Work

Korea Hydrographic and Oceanographic Agency

Jeonju Girls' High School

Daegu Air Force Military Facility

Gyeonggi Man-jeong Elementary School (2 Others)

Tanzania Agricultural and Fishing Village Development

Uijeong-bu Citizens Mixed-use Facility

KNN Centum HQ

Hwa-gok Cultural Welfare Center and Public Parking

Goyang International High School

Go-il High School

Gun-san Mi-jang Elementary School

JangYoungSil Science Museum

Sooyoung Han-seo Hospital Expansion

Daehak-ro Cultural Complex

Saemaul Central Training Institute Renovation

East Ulsan government tax office Remodeling

Asan Factory Expansion

Donghae-si Cheon-gok Sung-ji Hospital