Hamil Kindergarten Elementary School other 1school construction management

Songsan 2 Elementary School and 1 School(Songsan 1 infant school)

Ilsan Library Construction Management

old age animal growth Facility

Korea Polytechnics (IV Daejeon Campus) Engineering Bld. 2 Extension

Daejeon Yuseong 00Research Institute CT center

Songsan 1 Middle School

Bokjjeong Library

Naegok Welfare Facility

Domestic animals Genetic Resource Center

Industry University Institute Collaboration Cluster Support Center

Taepyeong 4-dong Integrated welfare facilities

Seoul Innovation Park 1stage Construction Business

Namyangju Byeolnae Complex Community Center

Dongtan Eoullim Center1 Construction Management

Korea Food Research Institute Construction Management

Ministry of Food and Drug Safety Head Office

Nakwon Kindergarten

Chungcheongnam-do Province Library

Hwaseong Western Complex Culture Center Construction Management

National Health Insurance Service Jeju branch

Korea Institute for Animal Products Quality Evaluation CM

(tentatively named)Byeolnae 1 Highschool

Munsu Elementary School

Gusan-dong Library Village Construction

Onbit Kindergarten&Elementary School

Ministry of Public Safety and Security Special Force Training Facility

Changwon University(BTL)

Dongrae Middle School

Gwangan Elementary School etc 2

Space Center stage2 1st business Construction Management

National Tax Service Relocation Office Building(CM)

Seoul Geoyeo Elementary School

National Police University Relocation(CM)

Environmental Industry Resarch Complex

Industrial Bank of Korea Training Institute

Government-Funded Research Institute Sejong Renting Office Building Consignment Development Construction Management

Korea Art Council Relocation New Building

Gangnam National Tax Service Office Building

Sejong Government Office Building stage 3 zone 1

Korea Education and Research Information Office Building

Korean Gas Saftey Corporation New Building

The Detached office of Board of Audit and Inspection Extension

Traditional Fermented Products Globalization Support Center

Woman Vocational Training Center

Public Health and Environment Research Institute New Building

Jangyeongsil Science Highschool and Dormitory

(tentatively named)Choeun Elementary School

Cheongla Elementary School

Daegu Myeongseon Elementary School etc 2(BTL)

New Technology Training Center

Hwaseong Woman Youth Center(CM)