Bucheon Culture & Arts Center Construction project Construction management

Hamil Kindergarten Elementary School other 1school construction management

Dongdaegu Venture Valley Corporate Growth Support Center Construction Project Management Service

Gangneung Anin thermal power Unit 1 and 2 construction management

Jeju Environmental Resources Circulation Center Construction Project Management Service

Seoul Medical Center

Incheon Cheongra C17 Officetel

LH Siheung Janghyun 'Haengbok' housing

Seocho-Opistel(Seocho-dong 1327-34 Facility)

LH Uiwangpoyil 'Haengbok' housing

Songdo R&D Center

LH Boryeong Woongcheon 'Haengbok' housing Construction Management

LH Daegu Bokhyun 'Haengbok' housing Construction Management

Songsan 2 Elementary School and 1 School(Songsan 1 infant school)

Daegu Namsan District 4-4 Housing Redevelopment Project

Godeok Gang-il APT. BL-9

Uiwang Ojeon Ga District Reconstruction CM

Gwacheon District 1 Jugong APT. BL-7 Reconstruction(CM)

Jungnim Cultural Center Construction Project Management Service

Jeju English Education City E2 Block Accommodation

Ilsan Library Construction Management

Hanam Misa Paragon Power Facility Construction Supervision

Seocho mujigae Apartment Power Facility Construction Supervision

Korea Electric Power Coropration Jaemulpo office

Haeundae Central Prugio Apartment

Wirae community service center

old age animal growth Facility

Gimhae Owaedong Ssangyoung Apartment Construction

Jinju Knowledge Industry Center

Korea Polytechnics (IV Daejeon Campus) Engineering Bld. 2 Extension

Namdaemun Danam Tower Exterior Remodeling

Cardinal Stephen Kim Sou-hwan Love and Sharing Park Creation project

Daejeon Yuseong 00Research Institute CT center

Jeonju Hyocheon District Daebang Noble Land

Pyeongtaek Gize THE# Central Park 2BL APT. Construction

Songsan 1 Middle School

Bokjjeong Library

Naegok Welfare Facility

LH Gimhae yulha 'Haengbok' housing Construction Management

Yeongdeungpo-dong Multi-unit Housing and Officetel

Changwon Woosandong Officetel

Yeongdong Junior Boarding School / Danyang Junior Boarding School

Domestic animals Genetic Resource Center

Industry University Institute Collaboration Cluster Support Center

Korean House of Culture&Arts in Uzbekistan

Shinbupyeong #2 Transforming Station

Chuncheon Han-soop City E Comforatble world APT.

Guri Inchang C District Redevelopment

Sanhagyeon Cluster Support center

Taepyeong 4-dong Integrated welfare facilities

Seodaemungu Daehyeon-dong Business Facility

Maseok Woori Doshi-soop Glam House

Gimpo Shingok-ri Business Facility

Jeju Ham-deok Apt.

Gimpo Masan Station Garam Plaza

Ulsan Bangu-dong Mixed-use Housing

Mall of Gwang-yang

Jeju Shinchon Harbourville

Hanam Misa Business Facility

Yeoju Myeong Oriental Medicine Hospital

Pyeongtaek-si Tongbok-dong Mixed-use Housing

Gimpo Gochon Diaville

Jeju ee-ho-il-dong multi-unit Housing

Daejeon Seongnam-dong Commercial Facility

Busan Cho-eup-dong Mixed-use Housing

Seoul Deungchon-dong Officetel

Gwang-gyo U-CITY Officetel and Commercial Facility

Seoul Yangpyeong-dong Business Facility

Paju Geumchon-ri Apt.

Gasan-dong Mixed-use Housing

Seocho-dong Apt.

Daegu Banwol Central Tower

Gimhae-si Wae-dong Commercial Facility and Officetel

Paju Shinsan-ri Villa

Hwayang-dong Housing

Sitadin Hangang Seoul Hotel

Incheon Nonhyun-dong Aratraum Officetel

Daegu Shinwol-dong Irae Tower

Jung-gu Da-dong Remodeling

Ilsan Samsung Tower

Guri Gyomun-dong Housing

Cheon-an Housing

Hwaseong Hyang-nam Commercial Facility

Eco-Edu Center

Plasma Research Center Multilaboratory Study Building

Cheong-Ju North Terminal

Central Metropolitan Districts Logistics Center

Ik-san Sports Complex Renovation

Woong-cheon Elementary School

Industry, Academia and Research Cluster Support Center

Bit-chan Kidergarten and Elementary School (And 4 other)

Moon-sung Elementary School

Ma-gok Station Entrance Facility

Do-nong/Ji-geum Community Welfare Center

Daegu Dong-cheon Elementary School

Dasan-dong Public Parking

Korea National Arboretum Expansion

Gyeonggi Icheon Hospital BTL

UST Multipurpose Public Facility

Gaepo jugong 3 danji Housing Reconstruction

Ulsan Nam-gu Yaeum Jugong 2 danji Apartment Housing Reconstruction

Taepyeong4-dong Welfare Center

Cheonan Southern Welfare Center

High-tech Shoes Fusion Herb Center

Changwon Masan Baseball Stadium

Seoul Innovation Park 1stage Construction Business

Namyangju Byeolnae Complex Community Center

Gimpo Gochon Distribution Complex General Accommodation

Gumi Doryang Ilee Jugong Housing Reconstruction

Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute Dormitory&Workplace Nursery

Shinjinju Station Area Central Wellga Apartment

Jeonju Pyeonghwa-dong Gwangshin Progress Apartment

LH Changwon Hyeondong APT.

Sejong Seochang Happyhouse 1 zone

SK Pharmaceutical Factory

GLAD Non-hyun Hotel Renovation

Kyunghee University International Campus Sports Facility

Rarcity Hotel

Daebang-dong Mixed-use Residential Complex

Sooyoo-dong Housing

Bang-ee-dong Officetel

Magok District Mixed-use Business Facility

Cheong-ra Ban-an Plaza 2

Gwang-gyo Legal Town Business Facility

Ssangmoon-dong Mixed-use Facility

Soongin-dong Commercial Facility

Jaegi-dong Apt.

Gunja-dong Officetel

Hwa-seong Community Center

Pohang Joong-ang Elementary School

Choon-cheon Post Office

Il-dong Hospital Remodelling

Uiwang Jang-an District

Yong-jeon Elementary School

Asan Mojong-dong Apt.

Shin-pyeong Elementary School

Korea Food Research Institute HQ

Sejong Business Center

Seok-jang High school

Seoul National University Elementary School

Nam-ak Community Center

Naju Geum-cheon Middle School

Gwe-san National Cemetery

Gwangju Bio-energy R&D Center

West Gimhae Culture Center Construction Management

Dongtan Eoullim Center1 Construction Management

Paju Unjeong New Town Lotte Castle Park Town 1st

Incheon Dohwa Urban Development 5BL, 6-1BL, 6-2BL Apartment Construction

Zero Energy Housing Model Town Construction Management

Korea Food Research Institute Construction Management

Gyeongju Oedong Buyeong Rented Apartment 1 danji Construction Management

22 Workplace nursery of the Headquarters of Police(CM)

Hannam-dong Public Parking lot

Ministry of Food and Drug Safety Head Office

Nakwon Kindergarten

Chungcheongnam-do Province Library

Cheongpyeong Midas Hotel&Resort

Osong Biovalley Business Value Hotel

Hwaseong Dongtan(2) New Town A2BL Bando Yubora Apartment

Suwon Gwanggyo Park Xii The Terrace

Chungju Cheomdan B5BL Apartment

Namyangju Dasan Jingeon B-8BL Apartment

Gimpo Han River New Town Ab-03BL block Apartment

Incheon Seochang2 15BL Apartment

Gyeongju Oedong Buyeong Rented Apartment 2 danji

Nara-keeum Yeouido Office Building

Korea Construction Engineers Hall

Daegu Wolbae3 Elementary School

Yeonjaeri Commercial Facility and Hotel

Korea Educational Development Institute

Jewelry Industry Center

Jeonju Hong-san Elementary School

Wi-rae Business District 22

14-Army-02 Military Facility

Environment Industry Research Complex

Incheon Aiport Customs Express Logistics Center

Hwaseong Western Complex Culture Center Construction Management

Donuimun Kyung-hee Palace XII Apart.

Wirye New Town Business 22 Efficiency Apartment

Gimje Free Trade Zone Standard Factory

National Health Insurance Service Jeju branch

Korea Institute for Animal Products Quality Evaluation CM

(tentatively named)Byeolnae 1 Highschool

Munsu Elementary School

Gusan-dong Library Village Construction

Onbit Kindergarten&Elementary School

Ministry of Public Safety and Security Special Force Training Facility

Changwon University(BTL)

Dongrae Middle School

Gwangan Elementary School etc 2

Seoul Science Museum

Ochang Hansin The Hue Central Park

Naegok Urban Housing

Wonju Heungeop Millennium Tree 2 danji

Chungnam Naepo New City Public Officer Apartment.

Daegu Shinseo Innovation Millennium Tree 13danji

NamYangsan Sta. Bando Yubora 6th Apartment

Busan Myeongji Hoban Vertium 2nd Apart.

Munsusan Dongwon Royal Duke Apartment

Songpa Nonghyup Business Facility(CM)

Burberry Korea Flagship Store

Myeongdong Urban Lounge M Renovation 2

Jaecheon Education & Culture Center

Icheon Special-education School

Handasa Middle School

Korea Institute for Animal Products Quality Evaluation Government Office

Woman's Vision Center West

Korea Credit Guarantee Fund Organization Training Camp

Jeon-buk Innovation High School

Yangsan Future Design Center

Seo-nong-dong Community Center

West Sea Special Forces Training Facility

Seoul National Hospital Research&Attached Facility Extension Construction Management

Space Center stage2 1st business Construction Management

Future Design Center affiliated with Korea Institute of Design Promotion Construction Management

Seongnam Medical Center(CM)

National Tax Service Relocation Office Building(CM)

Seoul Geoyeo Elementary School

National Police University Relocation(CM)

Environmental Industry Resarch Complex

Masan Free Trade Zone Office Decrepit Standard Factory Reconstruction

Credit Guarantee Fund Daegu Boarding House

Daegu Wolbae I-PARK 2nd Apartment.

Jecheon Gangjeo Koaroo Apartment.

Inchun SK Sky View Apartment

Hwaseong Hyangnam Moa Elga 8danji Apartment

Sokcho Joyang Millennium Tree Zone 3

Geumcheon-gu Doksan-dong Lotte Castle Gold Park 1danji

Busan Jurye Gyeongdongline Apartment

Industrial Bank of Korea Training Institute

Dae-kyo Boramae Center Expansion

Boryeong Gymnasium

Hagil Middle School

Wolsan Elementary School

Incheon Welfare Center

ASE Korea Business Facility Expansion

Byeol-nae 3 Elementary School

Byeol-nae 3 Middle School

Jeju Multipurpose Gynmasium

Daegu Innovation Elementary School

Korea National Ppuri Industry Center

Bong-moo Elementary School ( 1 Other)

Adminitrative Support Center

Gang-nam Senior Hospital BTL

Korea Ship Safety Technology Auhority HQ

1-3 Zone Multipurpose Community Center

Seoul Digital Industry Complex Support Facility Site Redevelopment Project Financing Construction Management

Goryeong Culture&Sports Center and Daegaya Culture Tourism park Construction Management

Government-Funded Research Institute Sejong Renting Office Building Consignment Development Construction Management

Korea Art Council Relocation New Building

Gangnam National Tax Service Office Building

Sejong Government Office Building stage 3 zone 1

Korea Education and Research Information Office Building

Mario 1 Hall Support Facility

Cheonan Hongdaeyong Science Museum(BTL)

Gimcheon Green Future Hall of Science(BTL)

[2012]Dongtan hanwha Ggumegreen Prestige Apt.

Sejong Sangrok Oullim Apartment (5BL,6BL)

Korea Ship Safety Technology Authority Head Office Building(CM)

Gangnam-gu Convalescent Hospital

Korea Food Research Institute HQ

Seoul Digital Industrial Complex Support Facility Site Redevelopment

Yang-pyeong National Rehabilitation Hospital

Korea Education and Research Information Service HQ

Goyang Central Terminal

Busan Nampo-dong Officetel

Guwol Bogeumjari Housing S-2 BL.

Guwol Bogeumjari Housing S-1 BL.

National Defense Culture Research Center and Dormitory for Children of Soldiers

Communication and Venture Research Center

Ga-pyeong Yang-ju Military Residence

National Center for Medical Science Information

Daehak-ro Cultural Complex Remodeling

Milyang Yongjeon General industrial Complex Construction(CM)

Seodaesan Radar Rainfall

Korean Gas Saftey Corporation New Building

The Detached office of Board of Audit and Inspection Extension

Icheon Environment Learning Center Construction

Haeundae Jungdong 3 district Housing Redevelopment

Bangbae 2-6 district Housing Reconstruction

Jeju Ara I-PARK Apartment

Magok jigu 1,2,3 danji Apartment

Magok jigu 7 danji Apartment

Gimpo Han River New Town Moamiraedo Rental Apartment

Gwangju Nam-gu Government Complex

Jang-gi-dong Elementary School (3 Others)

Milyang Yongjeon General Industrial Complex

Digital Broadcasting Contents Support Center

Uiwang Millennium Design Park

Buyeo Eung-pyeong Taiguk Pharm. Factory

Asan Gymnasium

Ilsan Paik Hospital Remodeling

Korean Army Finance & Accounting Corporation

National Hangeul Museum

Settlement Support Center for North Korean Refugees (Hanawon)

Special Management Facility for Highly Dangerous Pathogens

Convergent Equipment Industrializatoin Research Complex

Jeju Seo-gui-po Maritime Police Station

Gyeong-buk Disctirct Military Manpower Administraion Government Office

Sooyoung Government Tax Office

Korea Agency for Technology and Standards Government Office

Jong-no government tax office

Air Force flight environment Facility

National Memorial Museum of Forced Mobilization under Japanese Occupation

Criminal Investigation Command HQ

Seoul Ok-su Elementary School

Ee-ui Elementary School (1 Other)

West Busan government tax office

Dae-jeon Oriental Medicine Technique Standard Center

Ulsan Free Trade District Site Building Work

Korea Hydrographic and Oceanographic Agency

Jeonju Girls' High School

Daegu Air Force Military Facility

Gyeonggi Man-jeong Elementary School (2 Others)

Digital Broadcating Contents Support Center

Yangsan National Pension Hall

Buyeo Seodongyo Historical Attractions

Traditional Fermented Products Globalization Support Center

Woman Vocational Training Center

Public Health and Environment Research Institute New Building

Jangyeongsil Science Highschool and Dormitory

Gudaecheon Station Culture and Tourism District Construction

Tongyeong International Music Hall

Asan Gymnasium(BTL)

Tanzania Agricultural and Fishing Village Development

Uijeong-bu Citizens Mixed-use Facility

KNN Centum HQ

Hwa-gok Cultural Welfare Center and Public Parking

Goyang International High School

Go-il High School

Gun-san Mi-jang Elementary School

Yongin Forest of Tranquility

(tentatively named)Choeun Elementary School

Cheongla Elementary School

Daegu Myeongseon Elementary School etc 2(BTL)

Bukhang Maritime and Fisheries Complex Construction

Jangyeongsil Science Museum BTL

Seongnam Samnam Apartment Reconstruction

[2009]Geoje Suwol Hillstate APT.

[2009]Iksan Baesan APT.

Jeju Field Training Center

Jinju Stadium(CM)

Suyeong Hanseo Hospital

New Technology Training Center

The second Citizen Safety Experience Center

[2009]Godeokrienpark 1,2 danji

Gwangju Suwan Apartment

Wooshin E&T Yeongwol Factory

JangYoungSil Science Museum

Sooyoung Han-seo Hospital Expansion

KBS Chuncheon Broadcast Building

Hwaseong Woman Youth Center(CM)

Jangjeon 1-1district Housing Redevelopment

Geoje-dong Lotte Castle Firenze Apartment

Geoje Ilun Apartment

Dongrae New Town Central Park Heights 2 cha Apartment

Daehak-ro Cultural Complex

Yongin Yangji Housing Complex

Busan Jin-Gu The# Central Star

Eunpyeong New Town 2 jigu zone B Apartment

Gangil jigu 5,7 danji Apartment

Wolseong-dong Daelim Apartment

Jangji jigu 4,5 danji Apartment

Yangsan newtown Hyeonjin Evervill Apartment

Municipal Boramae Hospital Expansion

Gwacheon Jugong APT. BL-3 Reconstruction

Asan Baebang Geumgang XI Apartment

Eunpyeong New Town 1 jigu zone B Apartment

Balsan jigu 5 danji Apartment

Osan XI Apartment

Pohang Jangseong Hyeonjin Evervill Apartment

Saemaul Central Training Institute Renovation

East Ulsan government tax office Remodeling

[2004] Busan Haeundae POSCO The# CentumStar

Daesei Industrial Co. Ltd. Asan Factory

Sejong Center for the Performing Arts Facility Renovation

Hwanggeumdong Jugong APT. Reconstruction

Asan Factory Expansion

Donghae-si Cheon-gok Sung-ji Hospital

Busan Yongho-dong Apartment

Jeonju World Cup Stadium