We Design Your Visions

DONG IL is dedicated to leading the future construction industry with the vision
to be one of the most competent firms in Architectural Design and Engineering field.


DONG IL Architects & Engineers specializes and provides professional services

in Architectural Design and Engineering.

Founded in 1982, DONG IL Architects & Engineers has been providing excellent service in Architectural Design, Construction Supervision, Construction Management, Value Engineering, Construction Progress Payment Inspection, Consulting and Advising in response to the construction paradigm shift and diversifying markets of the industry.

We made commitments in fulfilling client needs through services including design for Busan Asian Games Apartment in 2002, Mixed-use complex in Songdo New City D-23 and 24 block, Vietnam North An-Khanh New City Phase 1&2, design and construction supervision for Busan Yongho-dong Apartment, one of the largest residential complex in Asia, construction management for Jinju Sports Complex, Cheongdam Burberry Flagship Store, and construction supervision for Tongyeong Music Hall.

With our over 600 skilled and qualified personnel, we are currently performing about 140 project including design for Busan Myeongji International New City, Cheonra City Tower (448m), Busan LCT High-rise Mixed-use Facility(101F), Seoul Palace Hotel, Ritz-Carlton Remodeling, Descent Busan R&D Center and construction management for Korea Food Research Institute HQ, Environment Industry Research Complex, Uzbekistan Korean Culture & Art Center.

We will strive to be one of the most competent firms in Architectural Design and Engineering field where you can trust.

동일 인력 구성
Total No. of Employees 533
Ph.D. 7 CM Professional 30
Registered Architect 37 Certified Value Specialist 18
Professional Engineers
Architecture 69 · Structural 4 · Civil 18 ·
Soil Mechanics Foundation 2 · Electrical 1 · Mechanical 18 ·
Quality 2 · Safety 3 · Fire Safety 2 ·
Water Pollution Environmental 1
120 Associate Value Specialist 30
APEC Engineer 2
Engineer Architecture 405 LEED 4



  • 2014. 8. Certified Professional VE Services Firm - KCVE
  • 2014. 7. Licensed Green Remodeling Firm (Reserve) - Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
  • 2011. 8. Became a Member of Korea Remodeling Association


  • 2010.11. Became a Member of The Korea Construction Transport New-Technology Association
  • 2010. 6. Selected as a New Capital and Labor Excellence Company
  • 2009. 9. Obtained Value Engineering Certification for Entire Industry in Architectural Sector
  • 2009. 4. Registered as Corporate Member of US Green Building Council (USGBC)
  • 2003.11. Registered as Overseas Engineering Firm
  • 2003.10. Registered as Housing Business Firm
  • 2001.10. Registered as 1st class Fire Protection Supervision Firm


  • 2000.12. Established R&D Center
  • 1988.10. Registered as General Electrical Design Firm
  • 1988.10. Declared the main body of Engineering Activity
  • 1998. 4. Obtained ISO 9001 Certification
      - Area: Service in Architectural Design, Supervision, Engineering, Development & CM
  • 1997. 6. Registered as Electrical Facility Design & Supervision Firm
  • 1997. 4. Registered as General (Construction & Civil) Supervision Firm
  • 1995. 9. Registered as Fire Protection Supervision Firm


  • 1989.12. Registered as Construction Supervision Firm
  • 1988. 1. Corporation Registered-DONG IL Architects & Engineers Co., Ltd.
  • 1982. 9. Established DONG IL Architecture Technology Research Institute


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